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Useful information

Simple and quick to assemble, factory preassembled.

Common Use


Veranda pack

Please note that we only sell the following products to businesses

General information
  • Aluminium profiles with 9010 white lacquer and a rooftop thermal break
  • Available with no price change for RAL green 6009, yellow sand 1015, brown 8019
  • 16mm/32mm clear or opal polycarbonate (colour to be chosen by client)
  • Insulating value: K=2.4 (for 16mm) or K=1.1 (for 32mm)
  • 24mm 4/16/4 glazing with an insulation coefficient of K=1.1
  • 1 roof with thermal break of 3m x 3m

  • 2 side-walls with trapeze (1 side-wall with two fixed doors + 1 side-wall with a sliding door)

  • Façade

3 doors: 2 sliding 1 fixed (for a 4m façade)
4 doors 1 central sliding and 2 fixed side doors (For 5m and 6m façade)
Single-point lock (opens and closes from the inside)

Delivered pre-built with the following accessories/features:
Hardware, screws, anchoring clamps, joints, micro perforated tape, gutters, downpipes, clamping plugs...

Paper and video instructions

Advantages of the Veranda pack


Possibility to move upmarket
Roofing provided (16mm or 32mm)
Possibility to order a set with a thermal break
Gutters and downpipes provided
Possibility for ‘cut-to-fit’ versions

As for all Dhaze products, you can order cut-to-fit Pergolas. Please enquire for prices and delivery conditions – we reply within 72 hours and deliver within 4-6 weeks depending on your project.