Useful information

Our sheets are accredited by the CSTB (CSTB: Centre scientifique et technique du bâtiment)

Common use

  • Veranda Rooftops
  • Sun rooms
  • Passageways
  • Skylights in industrial roofs
  • Secondary glazing
  • Green houses and swimming pool tops
  • Indoor partitions
  • Ceilings...

Structured Polycarbonate

When it comes to insulation glazing, structured polycarbonate panels are a remarkable material made from polycarbonate which resists to wear-and-tear and has a long term co-extruded protection against UV rays. Polycarbonate is principally known for its resistance to shocks, superb optical clarity and excellent fire-resistant performance. These unique characteristics, its extra anti-UV protection as well as its structured insulating form make it a material of choice for many domestic and industrial appliances, as well as for sport facilities.


Structured polycarbonate is partly made up of a layer of high-performing UV ray absorbent. This layer, co-extruded on the outside, prevents UV rays from penetrating to the other side of the sheet.

Thanks to this UV ray protection, the sheet lasts longer without turning yellow or becoming less robust

This allows us to guarantee our sheets for 10 years.


The polycarbonate sheets have a very high rigidity to weight ratio, which allows you to save considerable when you are laying the structure.

Light transmission
Energy saving

The installation of polycarbonate sheets is an efficient way to avoid heat loss. These advantages are multiplied when the sheets are installed as double-glazing on the inside or the outside of traditional glazing.

Resistance to damage

Damage to rooftop glazing can be dangerous and costly but polycarbonate sheets offer excellent protection against hail, vandalism as well as accidental damage. With a resistance to shocks approximately 200 times more important than glass, polycarbonate maintains its resistance over a wide range of temperatures during the entire lifetime of the sheets.


Several finishes are available:

  • Clear finish for maximum illumination and high transparency
  • Opal for diffuse lighting
  • Reflex for diffuse lighting as well as sun ray deflection, thereby reducing heat accumulation
UV Ray absorbing layer