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Great aesthetics and excellent insulation. Ideal for house extensions, garage roofs...

Common Use


Steel tiled panels

Steel tiled panels permit a simple and fast construction of roofing or cladding whilst giving a tiled aspect to your roof.
With a laying technique which is similar to that of standard ribbed steel sheets, tiled panels give a more aesthetical aspect to your roof (200µm lacquer with a granulated mat finish). This allows you to use our easy-build materials in an environment where there are local building standards.

The steel tiled panel is recommended for dry covers of roofing where the slope is between 25% and 50%. To fix the panels, you need to use wooden rafters with minimum size of 40 x 40mm.

0,63 mm

5 Kg/m2

Standard colors

Standard lengths
1,60 m / 1,95 m / 2,30 m / 2,65 m / 3 m / 3,35 m / 3,70 m / 4,05 m

Cut to fit lengths on demand from 1,10 m to 8,40 m

Implementation of tile steel panel: refer to the technical opinion CSTB 5/05 to 1849