Useful information

Sheets are UV-Protect treated on both sides, subject to a 10-year warranty and 200 times more resistant to shocks than glass.

Common use

Plastic glazing for shop window or window, skylight roof glazing, security glazing, screen protection, railings, arched passageway...

Solid polycarbonate

Solid polycarbonate sheets are an excellent qualitative glazing solution, especially when security and resistance to shocks or bad weather are taken into account. Due to an unequalled resistance to shocks (approximately 200 times more than glass) and a flexibility enabling cold bending, solid polycarbonate can be put to many different uses. Solid polycarbonate sheets are recognised for their durability and the exceptional architectural freedom which they provide. Being 100% transparent, solid polycarbonate allows us to maximise the penetration of light whilst resisting to the most severe conditions (shocks, weather...), a combination of characteristics which have proved their worth.

Technical information

M2 fire rating
PMMA, PVC and SAN available on request