Common Use

Skylighting, airing, rooftop access and smoke exits.

Skylights & control / utility

These skylights are a fixed or open apparatus which allow skylighting. Depending on the model you may also have access to natural airing, access to the rooftop or even smoke exits, all of which are within the scope of most buildings’ security standards.

Fixed skylight

The fixed skylight doesn’t open and its sole purpose is skylighting. Our skylights are available with several types of content: 10mm structured polycarbonate, simple dome or double dome in PMMA or Polycarbonate. The skylights can be used on a rooftop terrace or on a steel sheet rooftop for all types of material choices. Fully assembled in our warehouses, these skylights can be rapidly and securely installed on your rooftop.

For waterproof rooftops: galvanised steel skylight frames gives the product an excellent protection against corrosion, even after it has been scratched.

For steel sheet rooftops: A inner surface layer of which the fold and colour matches the steel sheets and can be laid directly whilst roofing.

1- Double-dome filling
2- Polycarbonate filling

Airing skylight

The airing skylight is use for skylighting and static airing. The opening system may be manual, electric or pneumatic. It is commonly used on terraced waterproof rooftops or steel sheet roofs for all types of projects. In its standard version, it comes with a polycarbonate structured 10mm filling opalescent but is also available on demand with a dome.

Cut-to-fit inner surface layer and skylight frames are available on demand.

Roof access skylights

Commonly used for skylighting and roof access, this product – which opens at 50°, 60° or 110° - exists with a manual opening only. A chain used a s a handle helps you close the skylight.

Smoke-exit skylight

This skylight was specially designed for buildings with high fire-hazard or wishing to improve fire safety and can be used as a smoke exit in case of fire. It is principally installed on waterproof flat rooftops in the following cases:

  • Buildings which receive members of the public
  • Industrial buildings
  • Staircases

Opening and closing mechanisms are integrated into the height of the skylight frames and therefore don’t hinder various networks and equipments which may be integrated into the ceiling.

Control / Utility cupboards

Our head office will be able to quote the price of your projects – if your utility boxes are mechanical, pneumatic or electric they will be able to answer your various questions and match your needs.