Useful information

Sheets are subject to a 10-year warranty.

Common use

Illuminating part of a steel roof, passageways, canopies, cladding...

P.V.C. (polyvinyl chloride)

Polyvinyl Chloride sheets enable roof building or cladding by combining clearness and resistance to fire hazard. A number of other uses are equally possible.

Using polyvinyl chloride ensures us a protection from UV Rays, excellent safety performances (resistance to fire and hail), and a diffusion of over 80% of light whilst requiring very little maintenance (low dust retention and resistance to chemical products).

Technical information

Physical proprieties

  • Density 1,38 - 1,42 g/m3
  • Diffusion of light 83 %


  • Standard lengths 1,50 / 2 / 2,50 / 3,00m / Cut-to-size lengths available on demand
  • Thickness 8/10e or 10/10e

Thermal proprieties

  • Distortion temperature when loaded 64-65°C
  • Linear dilation coefficient 6,8 x 10-5 mm/°C
  • Use temperature -20 to +60°C

Mechanical proprieties

  • Resistance to shocks 15 kN/m2


  • Resistance to fire classification M1