Common use

  • Veranda Rooftops
  • Sun rooms

Polycarbonate Blue Spring &

Polycarbonates Gold and Blue Spring are two exceptional materials for professionals and veranda manufacturer with optimum thermal performance in both summer and winter. In cold weather, their insulating properties combined with their honeycomb structure keep the heat inside the room. The gold and blue spring mainly differ in hot weather. The blue spring, thanks to its special co-extruded layer on the outer surface, allows blocking the infrared sunlight substantially so as to limit the transmission of heat while letting in maximum light. The gold, by its finish on the outside, make the sunlight substantially reflects, thus limiting the intake of excess heat from the sun and regulating the supply of light.

  • 10 years warranty
  • UV protection on the outer face
  • Exterior surface treatment anti heat:
    • Blue Spring: anti-IR
    • Gold: Reflective
  • 32 mm thick, honeycomb
  • Excellent insulation U = 1.4 W / m² K