Useful information

The sheets are subject to a 10-year warranty at 1200 joules, avoid condensation and insulate thanks to heat-sealed sockets.

Common use

Illuminating part of fibre cement roofs, skylight roofing, industrial roofing...

Large structured fold

Large structured fold sheets are 6mm structured polycarbonate sheet systems whose width corresponds to the large fold. These sheets have a high resistance to concentrated or spread out loads, excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing proprieties as well as allowing a good light transmission.
The weight of large fold structured sheets is slight, which facilitates transport and installation. It offers exceptional resistance to shocks, temperature change and thanks to their UV protection they have an excellent resistance to sun rays. These characteristics give it an exceptional resistance to ageing and weather wear.

The side of the sheets are heat-sealed which allows us to maintain the structured sockets closed and hence keep perfect visual properties. The length of the sheets are the same as our fibre cement sheets which allows you to easily create light gaps in your roofs.

Technical information


  • Standard Lengths 1,52 / 2 / 2,50 / 3,05m
  • Cut-to-size lengths available on demand
  • Total width 920mm
  • Sheet thickness of 6mm


  • Large fold 920 - 5 ½ folds - width 920 mm
  • No fold (European) 177/51mm
  • 6 ½ folds profile - width 1100 mm
  • Available on demand

Light transmission

  • Vertical 83%
  • Tangent 85%
  • Thermal insulation U = 3.33 W/m²K
  • Soundproofing 19 dB à 500 Hz
  • Weight 2,00/2,50 kg/m2


  • Resistance to shocks 1200 J (subject to installation requirements)
  • Resistance to fire classification: M1