Useful information

Exceptional aesthetics and excellent insulation. Ideal extension to dwelling, garage, cover, ...

Common Use

  • Roofing.

Insulated steel tiled panels

Steel tiled panels are an ideal solution for a number of uses due to a number of given advantages:

  • Ease and speed of construction
  • Excellent thermal insulation performance
  • Resistance to weather conditions and durability
  • Aesthetics

With construction methods similar to those for ribbed steel sheets, combined with excellent thermal performances and great aesthetics, insulated steel tiled panels are perfect for private use (roofing over a house extension, a garage,...) or for the building of discrete industrial / agricultural buildings.

Insulated steel tiled panels are designed for dry covers of roofing where the slope is between 25% and 50%.
It is constituted of a steel tiled sheet and insulating polyurethane foam.

Standard colours

Cut to fit lengths available on demand:
from 2,10 m to 8,40 m with a overlap of 100 mm

Maximum reach
The table below shows the maximum reach allowed for the roofing of buildings: