Useful information

Excellent insulation and easy construction, good light transmission.

Common Use

Skylight parts of insulated steel sheet roofs.

Heat-sealed polycarbonate

Dhaze's heat-sealed polycarbonate panels are an excellent solution for roofing or cladding which gives lighting but insulates your building also. They are made of an structured polycarbonate on which a simple layer of ribbed polycarbonate is soldered using ultra-sounds. This method allows to choose fold and overlap length.

Technical advantages
  • 10-year warranty
  • UV Protection on the outside
  • Fabrication from materials with technical recommendation
  • Excellent insulation
Technical Characteristics
  • Several widths available: 16mm, 32mm, 55mm
  • Several fold-types available: Nervesco, Haironville, Nergal, Cobacier 1004, 25.1070
  • Useful width 1m
  • Length: from 1 to 7m
  • Clear or Opal finish