Useful information

10-year warranty on the sheets. Our ribbed profiles have a CSTB accreditation and are 1200J* resistant.

Common use

Illuminating part of a steel roof, passageways, canopies, cladding...

Corrugated and ribbed polycarbonate

Ribbed or corrugated polycarbonate sheets are high quality products which allow the simple construction of illuminating surfaces. They differentiate themselves through a high resistance to shocks, the clearness of the material, their flexibility but especially their incredible lifetime.

They conform to very strict esthetical and performance standards and are subject to a 10-year warranty. Polycarbonate sheets are approximately 200 times more solid than glass. With their high resistance to shocks and the filtering of 98% of dangerous UV rays, corrugated polycarbonate sheets adapt themselves to all sorts of skylight roof works.

Endurance and resilience to bad weather conditions is impressive : we simulated 20mm hail hitting the panels at 21m/s and recorded no damage. Apart from its capacity to resist, corrugated polycarbonate sheets are light and maintain good optical proprieties.

Technical information

Use temperature (no load)

  • Long term -40 to +100°C
  • Short term -40 to +135°C

Standard lengths 1 to 8m long / Cut-to-size lengths available on demand
Width 1 or 0,88 mm in PO and Greca
Tolerance / Length

  • Sheet < 5 m: 0,+ 10 mm
  • Sheet > 5 m: 0,+ 25 mm

Resistance to shocks
We simulated 20mm hail hitting the panels at 21m/s and recorded no damage.

Resistance to shocks 1200 J (subject to installation requirements)
Resistance to fire classification: M1

Technical advantages
  • Excellent resistance to shocks and conformity to the 1200 joules standards
  • Width 10/10e
  • 10-year warranty: visual and mechanical proprieties maintained
  • Resistance to fire classification M1
  • UV-protect treatment
  • Does not turn yellow

Specific profiles on demand
* CSTB Technical Assessment

UV transmission <2% - Refractive index: 1.58