Useful information

All accessories are available in their corresponding RAL: bindings, screws, rims, ridges...

Common Use

Roofing or cladding.

63/100e Steel sheets

63/100e steel sheets render the building of your roof or cladding easy.

The steel sheets rest on a wooden or steel support structure. Sheets are assembled by covering the side fold. You fix the sheets using the appropriate nut and screws (you need 4 per m²). All accessories are provided in the colour of the panels.

The thickness of 63/100e sheets permits the building of both roofs and claddings.
We can also provide a thickness of 75/100e on demand

2 couleurs standards sont disponibles sur Stock :

We have two standard colours available in stock:

With stitching screws you may also fix accessories on the steel sheets. Accessories are available in the same colours as the sheets and have a standard length of 2.1m.

Principal types of trims
Principal types of ridges