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Felt on the lower side of panels to absord humidity and regulate condensation. All accessories are available in their corresponding RAL: bindings, screws, rims, ridges...

Common Use


63/100e regulated Steel sheets

63/100e regulated Steel sheets allow you to control condensation when you build your roof or cladding thanks to a draining felt which is stuck on the lower side of the sheet.
The steel sheets rest on a wooden or steel support structure. Sheets are assembled by covering the side fold. You fix the sheets using the appropriate nut and screws (you need 4 per m²). All accessories are provided in the colour of the panels.

63/100e regulated Steel sheets permit the construction of roofing and cladding.
We can also provide a thickness of 75/100e on demand

Two standard colors are available on Stock:

Other sections on request:

The stitching screws can possibly set the props on the plates. Accessories are available in the colors corresponding to the plates and are of standard length of 2.1 m.

Principal types of trims
Principal types of ridges