Applications for Roofing

Technical multiwall polycarbonate

Large structured fold

Large structured folds are used to construct illuminating parts in fibre cement roofs.

Connectable polycarbonate

Connectable polycarbonate is modular and easy to use. Aesthetical, it is CSTB approved and can be used in rooftops.

Aluminium profiles


Our aluminium profiles of various reaches are mainly used to construct freestanding roofs or roofs on frames, with structured polycarbonate or sandwich panels.

Corrugated sheets and ribbed plates


Single-skin polycarbonate is mostly used for lit-up parts of roofs, sometimes for an entire roof. Depending on the corrugate type, they may be CSTB approved or 1200 Joules tested.

Flat multiwall polycarbonate

6mm to 55mm

Flat structured polycarbonate is mostly used to construct illuminating roofs with our aluminium profiles. For your roof, many different finishes are available depending on your project: 6mm to 55mm thick, clear, opal, heat-regulating...

Steel plates and insulated steel plates

Steel sandwich panels

For better insulation, we recommend using insulated steel sheets (30mm to 100mm thick).

Steel sheets (63/100e or regulated)

Steel plates whose width is greater than 50/100e can be used for roof building.