Applications for Cladding

Corrugated sheets and ribbed plates

Single-skin Polycarbonate

Single-skin Polycarbonate is adapted to the construction of single cladding whilst bringing maximum illumination.

Multi-skin lighting

Heat-sealed polycarbonate

Heat-sealed polycarbonate is particularly adapted to cladding, and even more so when you use the cladding to bring light into your room. It adapts perfectly to ribbed iron frames or sheets whilst providing excellent insulation.

Technical multiwall polycarbonate

Multiwall polycarbonate (3 walls or 10 walls)

Multiwall polycarbonate is particularly appropriate for cladding as it is easy and quick to construct, without requiring a junction profile.

Connectable Polycarbonate

Connectable Polycarbonate, whilst modular, is equally easy to use.

Flat multiwall polycarbonate

4mm to 55mm

Flat structured polycarbonate enables the construction of curtain walls with our aluminium profiles.

Compact Polycarbonate and other synthetic glazing

Compact polycarbonate and other synthetic glazing

Compact Polycarbonate may be used as synthetic glazing. With its incredible resistance to shocks (200 more than that of glass) and its perfect transparency, compact polycarbonate is an interesting solution for a number of different uses.

Steel plates and insulated steel plates

Connectable sandwich steel sheets

For better insulation, connectable sandwich steel sheets are an excellent solution.

50/100e Steel sheets

Ribbed 50/100e Steel sheets are excellent value for money and are perfectly adapted to cladding.